Gyrotron Magnet, Collector Magnets, Gun Magnets, Superconducting Cavity Magnets, Pune, India


Manufacturers of Gyrotron Magnet - (Collector Magnets, Gun Magnets &
Superconducting Cavity Magnets)

Collector Magnets

Gyrotron Magnets

Superconducting Cavity Magnets

Superconducting Cavity Magnets

Fault Current Limiter using high Tc Superconductor.

Designer and Fabricator of low loss cryostat.

Other Magnets

  1. Beam Bending Magnet.
  2. Cyclotron Magnets
  3. Sextupole Magnets
  4. ELM Magnets
  5. Fusion Relevant Magnets
  6. Magnets Related to Particle Physics
  7. Race Track Coils
  8. Magnets using hollow conductors
  9. Neutrino Magnets (under development)
  10. All Types of Electro Magnets
  11. Toroidal Coils – Superconductor for TOKAMAK
  12. Poloidal Coils – Superconductor for TOKAMAK
  13. Other Coils for TOKAMAK

Carries out Research & Developments on Pyrobreakers (used for current interruption in superconducting loads)


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