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Details regarding a few R&D project are listed below:

CERN Project - RRCAT

Large Hadron Collider, popularly known as the Big Bang Theory- Europe. Interactive Lab in India- Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT)

In order to begin the project to recreate the Big Bang believed to have started the beginnings of life on earth, the CERN project needs to simulate the smashing of protons at very high speeds.
To smash the protons very powerful superconducting magnets are lined inside the 27km tunnel of the LHC.
The equipment to wind the superconducting magnet was designed and developed by PADMCO and subsequently provided to Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRACT) – Indore, in a record Eight months. more information

IPR Project

Institute for Plasma Research participating in the ITER fusion project being conducted worldwide by various countries, to produce power for consumer consumption.

ITER (originally the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international tokomak (magnetic confinement fusion) research/engineering project that could help to make the transition from today's studies of plasma physics to future electricity-producing fusion power plants. It builds on research done with devices such as DIII-D, EAST, KSTAR, TFTR, ASDEX Upgrade, Joint European Torus, JT-60, Tore Supra and T-15.  
Although there are over 200 projects for the ITER fusion reactor worldwide, the winding of the superconducting magnet required for the reactor is still in the prototype stage.
The prototype for the European ITER project has been awarded to Mitsubishi Japan.

PADMCO is currently in the process of developing the winding set up to wind this magnet for IPR for their part in the ITER project and anticipates having this in production in 2011. more information

Coil Winding -Designed, developed and manufactured more than 40 types of coil winding machines. Largest range from a single company.

R&D Project – Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Dept. of Atomic Energy Calcutta.

•Complete set up for winding Superconducting Magnet Coil for K – 500 Variable
•Energy Cyclotron – Calcutta. The set up having numerous on line gadgets like,
•Dereeler with torque controller and automatic take back.
• Soldering station.
• Horizontal & Vertical conductor Straightners.
• Servo Controlled Tensioner.
• Steam Detergent Cleaning Battery.
• Steam Generator.
• Hot Air Drier.
• Ultra sonic checking of super conductor bonding.
• Dimension Checker.
• On line insulation checker.
• Pneumatic pressure arms.
• Indexing of Turn Table at every 2°.
• Pitch setting – Turns setting.
• Speed Controller.
• Level monitoring of detergent.
• Plus many other facilities.
The signal output from each gadget was connected to computer for data logging and control of the winding is process. All the parameters on computer displayed with VERTUAL instruction viz, Wire Tension, Steam Pressure, Steam Temperature, Hot Air Temperature, Insulation, Length of Conductor, Turn Table Position in degrees, No. of Turns, Length of conductor etc. to read.
The length of Super Conductor to be wound is 40 K.M.

Magnetic Field Mapping instrumentation for the Cyclotron was also developed by PADMCO. PADMCO provided the complete set, including incorporating items classified as strategic by developed countries.

R&D Project - B.H.E.L. Bhopal

(1)To prepare extra large length high voltage condenser bushing by using tape instead of paper since large width of insulation paper not available.
(2)Bar to Bar Automatic testing set up for testing of Traction Motors. The Set up has scanning of commutators and data logging, computers with virtual instrumentation.
(3) Pioneer of Toroidal Winding Technology for Coil winding. (Transmission losses could be reduced to a great extent if Toroidal Technology is used for distribution transformers for transmitting electric power.)

Indian Navy-Designed, developed and made electronic components for Indian Navy.

Superconducting Magnets and Winding Equipment-Designed, developed and made equipment to manufacture superconducting magnets required for Nuclear Reactors and Research.

Reactors-Designed, developed and made magnetic field mapping instruments for Cyclotron

Indian Air Force- Designed, developed and made 14 Electronic Assemblies for Air Borne Equipment for Indian Air Force and Aviation.

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